Paul Richard opens his workspace for Greenpoint Open Studios 2018

Open studio hours are 12 noon to 6pm, June 2nd and 3rd.

From the official website of Greenpoint Open Studios:

For one weekend, hundreds of artists and designers open up their studios to the public to showcase work in a wide range of mediums. From paintings, sculptures, film, photography, weaving/textiles, ceramics, and more, there are seasoned artists to be visited and emerging artists to be discovered in the northernmost tip of Brooklyn.

Richard's studio is located at 61 Greenpoint Ave. Suite 401 in the historic "Pencil Factory".


"Water" Drip on paper 22x15"

"Water" Drip on paper 22x15"

A solo show featuring all drips opens at 212Arts

  • Thu, Jun 8, 2017 6:00pm Tue, Jun 20, 2017 7:00pm
  • 212 Arts


212 Arts pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Paul Richard’s work in 5 years, “Drip”. Despite his abilities as a representational painter in the gallery setting, Richard’s street art possesses a playful sense of spontaneity and quickness as he manages to capture the quintessential short-hand features of his subjects with nothing more than a dripped contour line of paint. While most artists prefer the vertical spaces in the city's landscape, the drip by its very nature must be on a flat surface, but this is not even the main reason Richard works in this orientation. Even before 1997 when he first moved to New York, Richard has always recognized that people's attention constantly scans the ground in front of them making it the perfect place to find an audience. The recognizability and popularity of his drip work is a testament to Richard’s creativity in using the sidewalk as his canvas.



Richard rolls out red carpet (and drapes) for Greenpoint Open Studios 2017

Paul Richard is honored and delighted to welcome the public to his Brooklyn work-space as part Greenpoint Point Open Studios 2017. Works in various Richard styles (oils and drips in particular) will be on display along with quite possibly a cheekier work especially for the event.

Paul with a drip of the Chrysler Building as formidable as the edifice itself. The work will be among the drips — large and small — on display and for sale Saturday and Sunday.

Untitled 77 1/2" x 34 1/2"

Untitled 77 1/2" x 34 1/2"

While the drips have gotten much of the attention in 2016 and 2017 (including acquisitions separately for pop stars Jay Z & Beyoncé and Justin Bieber), the studio will be well adorned with Richard's classic representation oil work. One beloved piece features the artist and his dog Ranger posing before thick red drapes. The painting is a favorite of Richard's and he keeps it in his private collection.

Untitled (Paul and Ranger) 50" x 60"

Untitled (Paul and Ranger) 50" x 60"

Drips commissioned for Justin Bieber and his manager

In the Spring of 2016, Richard was commissioned to apply his now iconic drip style to portraits of pop sensation Justin Bieber and his manager "Scooter" Braun. The process of creating drips is somewhat performative in that all works are completed in one sitting, but the first draft rarely meets the artist's high standards. The drip itself is an exercise in repetition until the artist is ready to create the final work. In this video, Richard prototypes one of his drips.

The final work as presented to the singer features his trademark hair cascading over his piercing eyes.

'Justin' — Oil on Canvas 42 x 60

'Justin' — Oil on Canvas 42 x 60

Jay Z & Beyoncé acquire drip portraits

Jay Z & Beyoncé acquire portraiture drips for their private collection.

In October of 2016 Paul created several drips featuring pop moguls Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z. This first image shows Paul with the prototype for the drips that eventually became part of the collection.

For sale.

For sale.

This version from the series hung at the couple's Rock Nation studios.

Private Collection

Private Collection

Also acquired for the family was a drip of the couple's daughter Blue Ivy.

Private Collection

Private Collection

Richard featured on 'Street Museum of Art' site

The virtual museum project for 'street art' (Street Museum of Art) has made Richard a featured artist. Drawn both to Richard's eye-catching drip work as well has his brash pronouncements on placards near and far, the museum features Richard along with a few dozen other artists. Unlike the vast majority of the other artists who prefer a wall or building for a canvas, Richard, sometimes by necessity (drips respond to gravity), uses the street and sidewalk itself for his backdrops.

Founded in 2012 around the streets of Brooklyn, The Street Museum of Art’s guerrilla curating initiatives re-evaluate the current model for contemporary art museums by exploring the unique relationship these artists share with their urban environments.
— Street Museum of Art website

First Avenue, East Village, Manhattan — Mixed media on cement

First Avenue, East Village, Manhattan — Mixed media on cement

Besides the drips, Richard has earned a reputation for his "designated art". Reaching back to 1998, the year of Richard's arrival in New York, the tactic has garnered the attention of the Times and other major publications.  

That is when Mr. Richard moved to Williamsburg from Boston and began roaming the city to make ‘’designated art,’’ as he calls it, by affixing such plaques to sidewalk paraphernalia that strike his fancy. All bear the title ‘’Untitled 1998.’’
The New York Times
Link to actual article from   The New York Times

Link to actual article from The New York Times

Paul Richard's 'Bucket Man' Acquired by Oracle founder Larry Ellison

Paul Richard's Bucket Man is the centerpiece in the main room. Paul Richard's self portrait painting Bucket Man was acquired by Larry Ellison, multi-billionaire and founder of Oracle and his daughter Megan Ellison. Bucket Man is the centerpiece of the living space in the "Nightingale House", which sold for $12.6 million. The house was designed by Mark Canadell and finished by renowned real-estate designer and agent Steve Hermann. Hermann also sold a house to Christina Aguilera who also owns a large Paul Richard canvas.

Bucket Man — Oil on Canvas 48 x 72

Bucket Man — Oil on Canvas 48 x 72

'Bucket Man' between Ellison's bay windows looking down on Los Angeles.

'Bucket Man' between Ellison's bay windows looking down on Los Angeles.

(Video) Richard's portraits at New York Surrogates Court

Richard's austere and solemn portraiture style has become a mainstay of the New York City Surrogates Court. The court has commissioned Richard to commemorate two retired judges to date.

A video from the installation of a portrait for the Hon. Marie M. Lambert.

The portrait of a second retired judge in progress.

Hon. Renee R. Roth — Oil on canvas 48 x 39

Hon. Renee R. Roth — Oil on canvas 48 x 39

(Video) Kate Orne's charming portrayal of New York artist Paul Richard

Kate Orne's charming portrayal of New York artist Paul Richard captures the artist in his studio as he reflects on his life, from the benefits of exhibiting in Kmart to the impossible demands that sometimes come with portrait commissions. Transcending its own stylization, not to mention that of the artist himself, Kate's nostalgic vignette peels back a thin layer of paint to reveal the tattered canvas that is an artist's heart.

Director: Kate Orne
Video Editor: Kyle McNair
Writer: Michael Tweed

Christina Aguilera's mansion, Gerard Butler's Soho loft, Casa Vogue — Richard's art shows up in the most luxurious places

Several works whose humble beginnings were on the streets of Soho have shown up in various publications adoring the walls of celebrities as diverse as Christina Aguilera and Gerard Butler. Richard can's say for sure who or for whom the works purchased, but clearly his art has many times caught the attention of elite interior designers. The kinds of designers that appear in Vogue or are hired by the A-list glitterati. 

Cover of Print Edition of  Casa Vogue

Cover of Print Edition of Casa Vogue

See the full article about Gerard Butler's loft in Architectural Digest. The work by the door is called 'Kai and Marcel'.

A version of Richard's 'Superman' was spotted in a bedroom of Ms. Aguilera's California estate in The National Enquirer. 

(No web version could be found).

(No web version could be found).

The piece from the Superman series bought for Ms. Aguilera photographed in the artist's studio.


Paul Richard's Drip Drawing Appraised at $5,500 at Auction

Paul Richard's Gibbous Moon 2009, attracted a lot of attention being the first piece to sell in the Acria Annual Charity Auction. It was valued at $5,500 and sold immediately with "Buy Now" option. Other popular pieces were a lithograph by Jeff Koons and a Central Park photograph by Nan Goldin. Tom Modern, author, who attended the event said of Richard's piece " I remember when he was selling those for $35."

Gibbous Moon — 22 x 15

Gibbous Moon — 22 x 15

Madoff's infamous visage inspires a portrait and a stunt

In the Spring of 2009, as Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme was in its death throws, Richard painted a stunning "close-up" portrait reminiscent of the tabloid "mug shot" oeuvre. In fact, the inspiration for the work came directly from the iconic New York Post.

In a case of self-referential circularity, an image of Richard and the painting on Eight Avenue in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood makes the cover of the New York Post itself.

A lot of people have said it should be [made into] a dart board or they’ve asked, ‘Do you get to burn it if you buy it?’ and my answer is yes.
— Richard quoted in the The New York Post

The conceit of the event was a silent auction on the street. Richard posted his phone number on a placard and courted bids for several days. A contemporary art museum, Fisher Landau Center for the Arts, was the high bidder and the work remains part of their permanent collection.

This sale on the streets of New York was not a singular event for Richard who has regularly sells directly to the public in most unconventional of ways. To date, Richard has sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of art in this manner.

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