• A recent show of 20 oil paintings and sepia-toned mixed-media portraits, held in the cafe of the Astor Place K-Mart. For the record, every piece was bought ...
    Wall Street Journal
  • Iconic Artist Paul Richard (the guy who puts plaques on fire hydrants to identify them as works of art) ...
    TimeOut New York
  • [He] appears more interested in having people see his handsome face than in showing them art that has anything worthwhile to say.
    Boston Globe
  • 'What an egotistical jerk,' ... 'You idiot,' 'Go back to Boston.'
    — Reactions quoted in The Wall Street Journal
  • Either a visionary or a shameless self-promoter.
    — The Improper Bostonian
  • Painter or Prankster? Paul Richard, it soon becomes clear, is a hybrid of artist and scamp artist.
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Richard is a baby Andy Warhol, but ... [his] 15 minutes are up.
    The Boston Globe

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