Christina Aguilera's mansion, Gerard Butler's Soho loft, Casa Vogue — Richard's art shows up in the most luxurious places

Several works whose humble beginnings were on the streets of Soho have shown up in various publications adoring the walls of celebrities as diverse as Christina Aguilera and Gerard Butler. Richard can's say for sure who or for whom the works purchased, but clearly his art has many times caught the attention of elite interior designers. The kinds of designers that appear in Vogue or are hired by the A-list glitterati. 

Cover of Print Edition of  Casa Vogue

Cover of Print Edition of Casa Vogue

See the full article about Gerard Butler's loft in Architectural Digest. The work by the door is called 'Kai and Marcel'.

A version of Richard's 'Superman' was spotted in a bedroom of Ms. Aguilera's California estate in The National Enquirer. 

(No web version could be found).

(No web version could be found).

The piece from the Superman series bought for Ms. Aguilera photographed in the artist's studio.